The Main Reasons We Have To Trust God

Trust is of great significance due to the fact that it involves a person’s credibility, character, along with ability to be relied on. With that being the case, the intrinsic mechanism of trust is that it reveres whom a person is. Conversely, a person cannot be felt honored when he cannot be trusted.

Let’s put it that way, if as followers of Christ, you’ve doing your very best by allowing God to work through you through His Spirit in order to transform you into the person that He wants you to be and for whatever reason someone whom you know so well cannot trust you with something, there’s no doubt about the fact that would hurt. The reason is that you’d feel like you’re let down by that individual’s ignorance and distrust.

Thus to a much greater extent, the very same analogy does apply to God. Bear in mind that He’s a God who has an absolute integrity. When God cannot be trust as a result of our reluctance to place our faith in Him, He’s deeply disturbed by that. Because we’re tampering with the very key attributes that constitute whom He is along with how He operates. Our distrust is tantamount to us telling Him that He’s not trustworthy irrespective of whom He claims Himself to be and how He’s willing to be there for us.

Trust does play a very important role in our relationship with God. Both trust and faith are pretty much the same thing. The bible tells us that without faith it’s impossible for us to please God (Hebrews 11:6). Trusting God is based on us relying on Him along with His ability to meet all our needs without reservation.

Lastly, trusting God means laying a hold on whom He is in connection to what He says in His Word. So that’s where taking Him at His Word comes heavily into play. His Word has to determine our reaction to the problems we’re struggling with. Problems will always surface in our walk with the Lord and that’s part of life whether we want to believe it or not. Nevertheless, as His people who’ve been given direct access to Him should never let life’s issues to drive us desperate as those who have no hope because of their rebellion against God. See As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.

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